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Crohn Impulse

The Krona Impulse company specializes in the sale of solid fuels on the b2b market (sunflower pellets / peat / coal) in bulk from 20 tons. Initially, acquaintance with the client began with setting up contextual advertising. It is worth noting that the client was skeptical about the promotion and development of a new site, as he had a negative experience earlier. After we configured the RC, having received feedback from our Clients, the Client decided to add 4 more language versions to his old website (without CMS), which we did.
Then, for several months, we persistently “persuaded” the client to try SEO-promotion, but for this we needed a new site, since the construction of the old one would make this process extremely difficult. Since the client needed to expand the sales market, we nevertheless convinced him of the need to create a new site, after that we sold SEO-promotion (we worked on this for a year and a half). We wrote the technical specification and developed a new modern website.

  • The need to customize advertising.
  • The old, slow site did not cope well with the tasks of expanding the sales market.
A task
  • Conduct an analysis of the main competitors before creating a new website.
  • Formulate a technical assignment taking into account all the wishes of the Client.
  • Set up an SEO structure and take into account other points.


We started by setting up Google contextual advertising. Its essence lies in the fact that an advertisement for a product (solid fuel) is shown in accordance with the content of the client's website, its context. To expand the sales market, it was proposed to create a full-fledged website with a display of commodity items and a feedback form to enable quick communication with the Client.


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