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SEO-promotion of the product catalog

A company that manufactures products from plexiglass and other plastic sheet materials. When we got acquainted with the site, we found out that the menu and navigation on the site are inconvenient. A small number of landing pages and a very large number of synonymous queries that are not presented on the site. For example: the menu holder and the table tent are different names for the same product. After the analysis, we created a list of tasks.

  • there were no relevant landing pages
  • missing content, meta tags throughout the site
  • the technical optimization of the site was low (the site took a long time to load, there were mistakes in the page layout)
  • weak site structure
  • problems with indexing pages, images
  • there was no micro-markup
  • outdated and awkward design
  • the domain had a small number of thematic links
  • there were a lot of spam links
  • increase in organic traffic and site visibility on Google
  • get into the top 10 for priority keywords in the search results for the city of Dnipro
  • increase in the number of conversions


Individual approach:
We noticed that a lot of traffic for this topic comes from image search. During the collection of CJ, special attention was paid to requests related to photos. We have developed a strategy for optimizing images, increasing the semantic queries associated with images.
New users 66,01%
Traffic increased by 99,42%
 Individual approach:
An example of one of the promoted segments in the search:
  • 1 Refresh the site's appearance.
  • 2 Collect a large SN and implement on its basis the structure of the site with new pages in accordance with the target key queries.
  • 3 Correct mistakes.
  • 4 Optimize your site for speed.
  • 5 Create and process all the images on the site.
создание и продвижение сайтов Centum-D


by 99.42%
increased traffic
3 times
the number of orders increased
over 600
relevant keywords have been selected for the site
over 30
new landing pages created

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