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Toys4you is an online retailer of the best toys and baby products. A wide selection of products of domestic brands that we obtain directly from manufacturers.
The project went to promote and refine the site. During the analysis of the site, we found out a number of problems that prevent the site from being promoted qualitatively. All products, descriptions and categories are uploaded from 1C and can create duplicate pages, as well as information on metadata was rubbed when unloading information from 1C.

  • Lack of landing pages, site structure.
  • Few content, meta tags throughout the site.
  • There was no micro-markup.
  • Lack of links to the site.
  • Site launch to the Ukrainian market.
  • Speed up site indexing and get traffic from Google.
  • Reach the top 10 for priority keywords.
  • Receiving orders from the site.


Individual approach:
We began to study competitors and collect a semantic core for the site. Terms of reference were created for programmers to implement metadata for site pages, without the risk that they will be overwritten the next time they are synchronized with 1C. Eliminate duplicate pages, as well as create new landing pages for the site.
This site was refined and promoted by our company, which allowed us to implement many things to improve the ranking and indexing of the site. There are a lot of products on the site that are running out because of this, the strategy is to promote exactly categories and subcategories, since one product may no longer be relevant.
 Individual approach:
Promotion works
  • 1 A large and correct structure of the site was created, navigation through the sections.
  • 2 Work is carried out on a monthly basis to increase the link mass, collect and place customer reviews and increase the authority of the site.
  • 3 This strategy yields stable results, where the positive dynamics of the entire project is clearly visible.
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2 months
later - the first transitions to the site
TOP 10
for many requests

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