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    Services of any complexity

    We provide excellent work of website development, from scratch up to implement the project. We take care of all stages of the project implementation, from creating terms of reference to content management. We work with individual tasks, design or redesign, internal and external optimization, audit, etc.

    Websites development

    Business- site, personal site, corporate site, portal, promo-site, dating site, one-page site, and so on.

    Technical support

    Get an exclusive website design from a professional designer! An online platform with an original design will present your business online and show its uniqueness.

    Marketing promotion

    Based on our experience, we will select tools and set up efficiently advertisement and promote your business on the Internet.

    Copywriting services

    Goods` sales are growing every day on the Internet and all of your competitors are already selling their goods online. So your choice must be right.

    Design Services

    Entrust the writing of texts to professionals. We will fill your site with unique selling/informational content and optimize it for indexing in search engines.

    Online Stores

    If you need to get the content for Your site fast, you sdould know where you can get information from. Of course you do not want to spend a lot of time working with resources? Parser is a software product that will keep your time and allow to get information from catalogs or other sites ASAP.


    To promote your business on the Internet, you need to create a good unique content regularly. We will take over this work. An experienced content manager will fill your site with the most suitable content, Creation of the content will be based on specifics of your business and target audience.

    Parser development

    A set of works aimed at the support and maintenance of all the needs of the site. A working website is a step towards a successful business on the Internet.

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    idea implemention. We create solutions for you and your needs, not templates. We are expert in business- sites, stores, and every site you want.



    Taking your business online and transforming your existing business. Introducing tools that help you earn, not spend. Creating your online brand and build solutions for its further development



    one the most popular TOP-system for online stores development



    We have been implementing projects in the CIS, Europe and USA since 2010. We analyze and develop projects based on the market specifics, rather than using ready-made solutions.



    of your money and time. Create a new product or suggest a way to make the one you already have work, without having to wait and waste budgets



    Post-project technical support. We do not abandon our customers

    About processes in Centum-D

    Refinement of functionality


    We have previously studied the offers of almost 20 web studios. Then, we decided to stop at fellow countrymen from CENTUM-D. We ordered an online store. The developers have implemented all the necessary functionality, based on a ready-made solution. They themselves advised such an option, which was very pleasant, as it saved not only time for development, but also our money! Their approach is great, as the goal is not to earn at any cost, but to satisfy the needs of the client! As for functionality, they also gave their advice and recommendations!
    Great thanks to the CENTUM-D team! Taking trade from offline to the Internet, we did not know what we wanted to get in the end. The team professionally directed us on the right track and helped with technical task preparation. They made a cool site. Besides, the team developed a great landing. It's selling, that's for real!
    We had little time to analyze the audience, develop the design and the entire site, launch and promote the project because of its specifics. I was afraid that we would not have time to launch in the time limits set. The development team perfectly solved all the problems and even met the allotted time, which surprised me, I must admit it! At each stage, the guys informed about the progress of the work, provided a detailed description of the process, specified certain features. The result exceeded all our expectations!
    Hello! My name is Elena Olshanskaya, I work in the field of beauty. I have a huge experience and a fairly large number of customers, so I do my best to keep pace with time. The modern industry of service requires new approaches and professional tactics that would help to organize and conduct this business. I was recommended Centum-D as the best team of professionals. Since I am a professional in my field, my requirements are very high. I needed to introduce and promote new trends and directions. And it was like a miracle, I was met by a wonderful team of young, advanced, tactful, mega professionals. They created a stylish, modern site for me, where everything is clearly thought out and organized. All new customers who came to me via the sit appreciate my promotion, and people busy with the development of their own business always ask me to share contacts of the company that maintains my site. I can express my gratitude to the whole team endlessly... Thank you for your professionalism, patience and understanding of your clients😉 We have been cooperating for four years, and you continue surprising me. I admire you!!! I recommend this agency to everyone! Yours sincerely, Elena O.
    During my career, I worked with many CEO contractors. Starting from local no-names ending with super-promoted guys from Kyiv. But none of all the above gave such a measurable and clear result. I continue to cooperate with the guys, and I look forward to even bigger results! I recommend this agency to all who have doubts:)
    This is the best company in its field of the service industry. The team of highly qualified personnel is always qualitatively and quickly responds to our requests and wishes. We are very pleased with our cooperation.
    Despite my complex nature and perception of information that I do not understand, your team was able to open the world of sales and advertising on the Internet for me. Therefore, you are the guru for me and the greatest authority in many issues of sales, advertising, and marketing in general.
    We express our gratitude to the Centum-D employees who created our site. Very professional approach at all stages of work, consultations, and comments on all issues. An individual approach to our requests was provided as well. We are grateful for the fruitful cooperation!
    I've been working with the Centum for a year. I came to the agency to make a shop from scratch. They made everything: from design to setting goals for analytics. I stayed with them and extended the promotion contract. They work stably, feedback is guaranteed.
    Thank you for participating in such an experiment. We did something unusual and bright - it's cool! The customer is satisfied. We've learned something. There were big risks that all this would not go off, but thank God, everything worked out. The quest literally shook up the company, made it possible to feel unity, to learn a lot about the company. In the conditions of covid, thanks to us, people received festive emotions. They are very surprised there by the activity and liveliness of the employees. Everyone was inspired. This is respect. Once again, my thanks and thanks from the client.  
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