Centum-D has been dealing with websites development since 2010 (from simple business sites to complex functional online stores, Web design, online marketing, and integration of turnkey-solutions for business automation & optimization)

Question & Answers

What is turnkey website development?

A web resource is a durable project, its work is aimed at results. Centum-D is engaged in the comprehensive production of sites that bring profit to owners. When developing the website, we take into account not only design features. The convenience of administration, efficiency, return on investment are important as well.

What kind of websites do we develop?

The Centum-D team delivers orders of any kind: from single-page to large websites. Our services include the creation of business sites, landing pages, corporate resources, online stores. Regardless of how complex the project is our client will receive a full-fledged website, completely ready to work.

What technologies do we use during the development process?

When developing websites, we use Content Management Systems of optimal functionality to solve the set tasks, including: 1. OpenCart. This is a popular system for online stores development. OpenCart is the simplest CMS in this niche. 2. WordPress. It is a leading engine with numerous extensions, plugins, and functions. According to the statistics, 44.74% of sites in CIS countries were created with WordPress. 3. Magento. This engine is a good choice to use for e-commerce projects. Magento CMS has many built-in features that simplify website further promotion. When choosing the engine, we take into account all the important factors, including ease of control, optimization opportunities, security, etc.

Why Centum-D?

Our web studio has been operating since 2010. During this time, the company entered the world market. The headquarters are located in Dnipro, Ukraine, but we create and develop websites for clients from Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, and other cities of Ukraine. The list of our customers includes people from the USA, Europe, and Canada. Centum-D team: ● creates and develops turnkey websites; ● takes into account the niche specifics of each project; ● helps to develop a website after its creation. The website development projects are completed by a team of highly skilled programmers, designers, marketers of the Centum-D web studio with big experience, large portfolios, and many case studies gained over the years of work. Top qualified employees solve individual tasks so that customers wouldn’t need to fix the finished site and remain satisfied with the result. We keep a fair price policy. Our prices are not the lowest you can find for the development of websites in Ukraine, but our customers get a thoughtful resource that will quickly return the investments in it. The cost of creating a website remains fixed, it is agreed upon in advance when calculating the project budget.

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