E-commerce Website Development

Today, almost all businesses in the world can be found on the Internet. If your venture does not have a website, it is astounding, and sometimes even suspicious. People have become comfortable exploring the services and products offered through their devices, so e-commerce is at its peak today. There are up to 24 million active electronic commerce websites now on the Internet. It’s quite easy to get lost in the crowd without a proper approach to both creating and running your platform.

Building an eCommerce is a compound, multistep project that largely depends on developers’ expertise and customer focus. The main goal of an E-commerce web development service is to deliver a platform that will stand out and hold the attention of potential customers. Along with the entrepreneur, IT developers think through business & technical aspects of the future website. The way it functions and responds to user requiests, accepts payments, and processes requests, as well as, notably, its aesthetic features. Luckily, the modern website development eCommerce market is enormous, opening many opportunities for business owners and startups to launch and support websites properly. Today’s businesses also can find talented developers not only locally, but around the world. Centum-D, being an outsourcing Ecommerce web development company, provides a full range of related services and further support. Our in-house & dedicated experts can solve any issue & implement the solutions that in the future will have a positive impact on the development of your e-business, including the following:

  • Responsive User-Oriented Design
    Creating visually appealing, and user-friendly designs to enhance customer engagement & build brand awareness. All visual elements are a subtle psychology of human perception, which should attract more visitors.
  • Web Development & Integration
    Adopting the best web development strategy to further implement the necessary functional features or integrate eCommerce within your existing website or website template.
  • Branding & Promotion
    Having the right e-commerce strategy is a crucial indicator of your success. Together with marketing support, advertising, and SEO it makes your project not only exist & run but bring you the profit & opportunities to scale your business.
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    Importance of eCommerce Development

    Electronic commerce covers various activities associated with selling items and services online. In other words, it is all the same stores or service companies; only transactions and other interactions occur online. The beauty of eCommerce is that it is suitable for almost all business industries, including fashion retail, consumer electronics & IoT, health & beauty, automotive & manufacturing, interior products & kitchen appliances, food & beverage, art, entertainment & music, wholesale of various goods.
    E-commerce is essential for modern business because it brings multiple benefits.
    • Reduced costs
      A regular store has higher operational costs than selling online. You pay for rent, maintenance, inventory, signage, store design, and other expenses. Often all of these investments never pay off. An online store requires much less investment, time & need to hire employees.

    • Efficient marketing
      E-commerce development reveals unlimited digital advertising options for your product; combine them with offline ones, or concentrate only on the online environment. Showcase your product cost-efficiently. Customized targeting, various advertising platforms & tools – take the most out of your online presence.

    • Increased Reach & Scaling
      You can easily widen your target audience and operate 24/7 regardless of day, time, or your actual location. Scale your presence easily, expand your customer base, increase, and automate sales with chatbots and other tools.

    • Better customer orientation
      Collect & analyze customer data: purchase history, activity & behavior insights, demographics, number of canceled orders, statistics of the most frequently purchased items, etc. Only Google Analytics itself can provide you with such valuable data that to help you understand your customers' likes, dislikes, and preferences.

    eCommerce CMS

    A TOP open-source ecommerce content management system with various templates & plugins available. Adding multiple users with different roles and using extensive reporting options & metrics makes it easy to manage the platform.

    • multiple (20+) payment gateways
    • no monthly fee
    • large library of plugins & add-ons
    • SEO canonization

    It’s the most popular open-source & completely free CMS solution. Adding pages, such as blog, which is an essential part of a SEO-friendly website, is easy & the structure can be also easily customized. Flexible & easily adjustable.

    • both content & ecommerce friendly
    • simple management for non-experts
    • great plugins & integrations network
    • needs professional assistance when updated

    An open-source Adobe-owned CMS is the base of 250+ thousand online stores all around the world, especially of large ones. Being an official Magento partner, Centum-D develops the quality custom functional ecommerce solutions to fit each business individually.

    • simple integration with CRM or ERP systems
    • scaling is very fast
    • perfect reputation
    • complex for non-experts

    This is one of the most famous platforms because it gives you a lot of opportunities. These include SEO code-optimization & no fees for the third-party payment getaways. WooCommerce-based solutions feature simple & hassle-free management.

    • intuitive management
    • advanced integration options
    • limited customization & scaling options
    • unfriendly for content-rich projects

    Often chosen by retailers who just start their ecommerce projects, this SaaS platform claims to be more than just a CMS. There’s the whole ecosystem of additional sales-supporting tools available to be integrated for better business performance of the platform.

    • flexible & easily customized
    • multiple templates
    • sales & marketing tools integration
    • needs expert technical support for scaling

    Main eCommerce Models

    When you create a business, it becomes part of one of key business models. Let's talk about some of them in a little more detail below:

    This business model sells its products or services directly to consumers. For example, buying lipstick from an online cosmetics store is a B2C model.
    This model involves selling a product or service to another business. One business buys a product from another and resells it to the end customer. Today, this niche is actively developing, and B2B deals are becoming more and more serious.
    This model stands for direct access to the consumer. Thus, the business/manufacturer sells its services to the consumer without intermediaries.
    This model of e-commerce is often referred to as online markets, as consumers can exchange goods or services with each other. They earn money through listings or transaction fees.

    Our eCommerce Development Services

    Online Stores
    Online Stores
    The creation of online stores to establish or enhance your online presence and let your customers complete the whole purchasing cycle online. Responsive design, a user-friendly interface, seamless & secure payment getaway integrations.
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    Development of marketplaces, multivendor websites – platforms where multiple vendors can sell their products/services. Customizable interface, secure payment, robust & easily managed administrative panels.
    eCommerce Applications
    eCommerce Applications
    Development & support of web & mobile eCommerce Applications. Optimal structure, based on completed and tested user stories, customer-oriented interface, multiple profiles & payment options, push notifications.
    <center>B2B eCommerce Solutions</center>
    B2B eCommerce Solutions
    Platforms, applications, and interconnected digital products for the best business performance & online shopping experience. Precise customer targeting, smooth browsing, classic & custom-built functional features, secure & simple checkout process.

    Our Development Process


    - Identification & clarification of your technical & business needs, processes
    - Determination of business risks, market opportunities, needs & trends
    - Completion of the project vision

    Discovery & Initialization
    Discovery & Initialization

    - In-depth analysis of the technical & business requirements
    - Project planning & precise evaluation
    - Completion of the RoP & Statement of Work


    - Completion of up to 3 stylescapes & main page/screen prototype design
    - Approval of the prototype with the client


    - Writing code for the digital product
    - Procurement of the highest security level for both the owner & users of the product
    - Completion of the product documentation


    - An integral part of each development stage
    - Test plan, cases & bug report
    - The predelivery quality asessment deals with the final product testing

    Deployment & Delivery
    Deployment & Delivery

    After the extensive final QA session & approval with the client we deliver ready-to-use digital product that meets all the technical requirements!

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    Additional Services

    To promote your business online you need to create & publish unique quality content on a regular basis. We will take over this work. An experienced content manager will fill your site up with the most suitable content. Content creation will be based on the specifics of your business and your target audience.
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    A set of works aimed at the support & maintenance of all the website needs. A working website is a step towards a successful online business.
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    Based on our expertise, we will select tools and set up efficient advertising, promote your business online.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    E-commerce has already become an industry standard. An electronic commerce website, like Amazon or eBay, is where online users go to make a purchase. One of the largest and best-known e-commerce sites are Amazon and eBay.
    Centum-D is an ecommerce web development company offering services for your web store development & management. We also offer quality technical, branding & marketing support of websites, applications, and other software.

    Our web office is a certified partner of Magento, a worldwide renowned e-commerce platform. Magento is an open-source platform that is relatively easy to deploy, offers good security, and improves the customer experience when shopping. Its other advantages are
    - Flexibility in customization allows you to configure almost everything and features many accounting, payment, processing, and shipping plugins
    - SEO-optimization – Products created with Magneto are adapted to different screen sizes and browsers, which increases your ranking and visibility in Google search and is very effective in search engine optimization
    - Scalability – the platform offers trouble-free launching, smooth product migration, etc. All data is kept and administered in a single backend office. It also leverages one of the most reliable caching tools – Varnish
    - Easy Integration- To provide customers with a positive experience, your online store must have additional integrations such as data applications, logistics, shipping, order tracking, and payment gateways. Magento allows you to integrate these and other services into your website seamlessly
    Our expertise also covers Opencart, WordPress, WooCommerce & BigCommerce content management systems.

    Centum-D experts often use the Opencart CMS system in our e-commerce development projects. Opencart is considered one of the best CMS systems because it is an open-source program that provides transparency, is regularly updated, and offers free downloads to expand functionality.
    OpenCart incorporates several functionalities that make running an online retail business easier. Among others:
    - Wide choice of modules and themes – more than 1,300 offerings for any orientation
    - Traceability – admin panel gives you complete control over processes that occur in your online store
    - User management – you can define different roles for your assistants, limiting their user rights solely to their position
    - Multi-Store – if you plan to open more than one store, Opencart allows you to manage them all from a single interface
    - Affiliate System – OpenCart offers the ability to create an affiliate system to promote specific products. Choose different commissions and payment methods, such as check, PayPal, or bank transfer

    Centum-D offers four options for developing an e-commercial website:
    - Basic – from USD 350
    - OPTI – from USD 700
    - PRO – from USD 2000
    - Exclusive – from USD 3500
    Depending on your choice and pre-agreed design scraps and functions, the project's price will vary. We do not use any hidden payments & taxes, and the entire cost of the project is agreed on at the initial stages of discussions.

    Our web studio offers both custom eCommerce websites and enterprise solutions web development, design, and support. We provide turnkey solutions, carefully listen to what our clients and their customers want, and adjust each project feature to their wishes. We can also create templates for an e-commerce website or offer ready-to-run solutions.
    Choosing the right team to develop an IT product is a responsible step that requires careful consideration of your options. The IT team you select must have enough knowledge, expertise, and tools to help you with your request. In addition, soft skills must also be developed to a level; it is much more pleasant to work with responsible, punctual, client-oriented, and communicative people.

    The e-commerce developer is responsible for the front-end, back-end, and maintenance aspects of the shopping platform, such as its functionality, performance, scalability, and security. In addition to these technical responsibilities, the e-commerce developer often works closely with the store owner or manager to ensure the store meets its business needs.
    Some typical duties of an electronic commerce developer include the following:
    - Designing and developing custom themes and modules
    - Configuring and managing plugins
    - Integrating third-party services, such as payment systems and delivery providers
    - Optimizing site speed and performance
    - Securing the website
    - Developing and implementing user experience tests
    - Providing support for website maintenance and updates
    - Working with the store owner or manager to determine business needs and develop solutions

    The success of an e-commerce website is to make it as comfortable as possible for customers, so the most logical thing would be to put yourself in their shoes; what is essential to satisfy the purchasing process? Some of these features might include:
    - Comfortable navigation, logical distribution of product categories
    - Onsite search
    - Customization of the footer for a more efficient search of top products
    - Product videos
    - The Frequently Asked Questions section
    - Order tracking
    - Chatbots and more
    The best thing you can do is consult with your team of experts about the features you need. Real professionals will help choose, create, integrate, and master your website's key elements with maximum cost and business effectiveness.

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