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E-commerce platforms for tires

Online seller of used tires has two platforms with the same technical features but different visual and content solutions for different clients. Our task was to find a reason all orders on the platforms were doubled. This problem didn’t only cause trouble to managers who had to process incorrectly recorded orders, but also to the clients whose communication with the company was not as pleasant as it could be due to the fact they had to actually repeat the same order when talking to the managers. The eStores were customized combinations based on the following solutions:
- WooCommerce
- BeCommerce
- WordPress

  • WooCommerce & BeCommerce technical conflict
  • incorrect technical orders processing
  • outdated PHP & SQL
  • incorrect BeCommerce order template
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Analyze & enhance
Our technical experts have completed a necessary check-up of the platforms and found a weakness related to BeCommerce. So the Centum-D developers fixed the issue through a custom code solution and blocked it so that the managers would not be able to accidentally remove it from the website.
The second eStore also featured outdated SQL that was updated to make sure everything works flawlessly. Particularly, Centum-D experts completed the following tasks:
- Ran technical checkup and identified a bug
- Implemented a code solution for the correct checkout process and modified certain BeCommerce features
- Sorted and changed necessary files on the website
- Upgraded MySQL
- Implemented the excise tax on one of the e-stores
- Improved discount calculator performance


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