About us

Centum-D web studio has been dealing with website development (from simple business websites to complex high-functioning online stores), web design, internet marketing, and the integration of ready-made solutions for business automation and optimization since 2010.


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The projects we implemented have proven to be efficient & profitable for their owners. We use modern solutions & products, technologies, and our own solutions in our work. Our web studio is a certified partner of Magento – an internationally recognized eCommerce platform. Centum-D web studio is located in Dnipro city, but we work with clients from other Ukrainian cities and other countries: the USA, Switzerland, Canada, Spain, Italy, and Belgium.
We do not use one-size-fits-all solutions – only an individual approach, considering the specifics of the business, and focusing on its strengths and competitive advantages. Implementation of each project process takes into account its further development. If you need to implement new functional features or solutions, we’ll do it smoothly and without drastic changes to the web resource.
Expert IT solutions

Expert IT solutions

Business orientation

Business orientation

Official partners with MAGENTO

Official partners with MAGENTO

Experience & efficiency

Experience & efficiency

Analyzing & Saving

Analyzing & Saving

Free maintenance

Free maintenance

Our solutions

Centum-D web studio has been successfully delivering projects for successful online business development for more than 10 years. We have designed and implemented a number of free modules, which functional features have incorporated the best standards and solutions. Download them and make your business work more efficiently!
About us
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We developed and launched our personal website, Created the Centum-D brand, and got our first clients.


Competitive growth in the field of website development & optimization. A sustainable development strategy helped us attract new clients.


The SEO market has grown as well as the market demand for specialized services. Those factors stimulated us to create a full-fledged SEO-specialized department.


The competition level in the SEO market has grown drastically, and Centum-D web studio has successfully stood out in a competitive market.


The growing number of smartphone users has led to an increase in orders for mobile application development.


The implementation of modern technological solutions has increased the functional and business performance of the websites developed by our team.


We added to our services another advanced software development method - native mobile app development.


The number of our clients has grown - many of them got in touch with Centum-D web studio on the recommendation of our former clients.


The company keeps growing as well as expanding its workforce to increase the quantity & quality of projects.


The sustainable development plan of a company shows excellent results. A highly skilled team of web-studio solves complex tasks.


Centum-D company successfully works in foreign markets. The web studio implements projects not only in Ukraine but in the USA, Switzerland, Canada, Spain, Italy & Belgium.

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