Hire Laravel Developer

    Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks on the market today. Companies from various fields, want to hire Laravel PHP developer, including eCommerce, Medical, Health & Beauty, Professional Services, and so on.

    This framework formed the basis of TOP platforms such as 9GAG, Pfizer, and TourRadar.

    It can be used to create social networks and dynamic websites, content management systems and corporate applications, and much more.

    Laravel is based on PHP, which perfectly copes with creating modern web applications like booking apps, B2B websites, forums, web & mobile applications, and company management software pieces of any scale.

    Mastering Laravel development is a particular skill, and if you decide to hire an expert Laravel developer, you will know they will fulfill all digital product requirements at their best. The main reasons there’s high demand for Laravel include great routing, file validation, and storage options; plus, it is straightforward and organized, which speeds up the development process and reduces the likelihood of problems and errors. The technology is open source and uses the Model-View-Controller and other built-in features that help to create an IT product with the best scalability, adaptability and features ability.

    It also has all the tools to help you build applications in half the time, providing an easy-to-maintain codebase.

    Every company wishes to hire experienced Laravel specialists, and even if their in-house team is known at PHP, it can take up to six months to learn this skill. As a result, it takes you plenty of time and resources to start a project. Also, considering the pretty high level of salaries, it might be too expensive to hire, support or grow this expert in your own team. It’s also difficult to replace one when you really need an expert. By investing in a Laravel developer for hire, you will ensure a simplified project development process & an up-to-date, trending digital product with minimum investment.

    Hire Laravel Developer

      Our Laravel Development Process

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      Discovery & Initialization
      digit 3 dashed 3 Design
      digit 4 dashed 4 Integration
      digit 5 dashed 5 Testing
      digit 6 dashed 6 Deployment & Delivery
      Deployment & Delivery
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      About Laravel

      Logically, before you use a previously unknown framework, you’ll want to know more about it. So, what is Laravel? This framework was first introduced in 2011, but only since the beginning of 2012 started to get publicity because it included in its capabilities additional new features, which contributed to its success.

      Below we describe what elements Laravel has and why it has become a favorite of many developers and companies.

      • MVC Architecture
        Provides many valuable hints on developing scalable and usable web applications. Working in purity is better than chaos, and programmers appreciate it when they can put order into their unstructured code. It also reduces the chances of making a mistake.
      • Artisan CLI
        This command line interface helps developers simplify web development process with code generation & database management. CLI automates many routine processes, allowing focusing on something more substantial, such as building application logic.
      • Built-in authentication
        Thanks to built-in authentication and authorization solutions programmers create products with robust authentication solutions, which is significant for each modern application.
      • Blade Template Engine
        It allows you to plug in data models, redirect output to a text file, and more. The feature contributes to more efficient development.
      • Eloquent ORM
        Managing the database becomes much easier as each table there has a corresponding model that facilitates interaction with the table. With its help, you can also easily retrieve. Insert and update records in database tables.
      • Redis
        Redis is a repository that Laravel uses as a cache for temporary data storage. Storing data in Redis helps speed up database queries and feedback, encouraging data retrieval.

      Additional Services

      No matter what kind of task you have for a developer it is still a crucial part of your business. That’s why we offer a range of supplementary services & experts to enhance your digital product. Our team of experts is here to help you improve your online presence.

      Get an exclusive website design from a professional designer! An online platform with original design will present your business online and show its uniqueness.
      A set of works aimed at the support and maintenance of all the needs of the site. A working website is a step towards a successful business on the Internet.
      Based on our expertise, we will select tools and set up efficient advertising, promote your business online.
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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Laravel is one of the most popular open-source frameworks today. It uses the much-loved PHP programming language and has many built-in features that make programming websites and applications much easier and more fun. Laravel offers the most optimal and comfortable developer environment and reliable security, and successfully combines the best qualities of other frameworks. It is great for creating complex dynamic websites with innovative features and mechanisms, while writing code will pleasantly surprise you with its orderliness and organization.

      Today, Laravel is considered the most commonly used PHP framework. Thousands of companies from different industries worldwide choose it as the basis for their I.T. products, and all because it provides several features to facilitate their work. First of all, Laravel is used by developers to create web applications based on PHP. The program is independent because it makes templates, routing, and authentication. With Laravel, you can easily create dynamic websites, e-commerce sites, web portals, social networks, and enterprise-level applications. Laravel allows you to make all of the above I.T. products genuinely stable, and what else does a developer need to be happy?

      The rates for hiring a Laravel developer vary significantly by region and company. Given that you can hire a worker from anywhere in the world today, you can get experienced professionals and still save money. For example, to hire a Laravel specialist in America, you can pay between $29 and $100 per hour, but if you want to hire a specialist from Europe, you'll pay between $21 and $66.

      It can take a lot of time for a company to hire a decent professional. However, with the use of the Internet, you have a lot of options on how to do this. You can turn to sites where freelancers offer their services, like Upwork, or you can turn to outsourced I.T. companies like Centum-D. Centum-D employs experienced professionals who keep up with the times and skillfully fulfill all clients' wishes.

      There are some reasons why hiring Laravel developers is a worthwhile investment. First, it is an investment in the future as Laravel allows you to create scalable and adaptable web applications and websites. A Laravel-based IT product will remain relevant for years to come. Also, hiring a Laravel developer is much more economical. Hiring an outsourced professional will save you more time and money than if you were to do it in-house. Finally, professional Laravel developers create effective, better-managed websites that can handle a lot of traffic and stay mobile-friendly.

      The primary responsibilities of a Laravel developer include the following:
      -Build and maintain innovative and modern web applications with web development tools
      -Build and test reusable and efficient PHP modules
      -Collaborate with other developers to meet data collection requirements
      -Write secular modular codes
      -Design and maintain databases
      -Perform backend and U.I. tests on applications to optimize performance
      -Collaborate with other developers to fill data acquisition requirements

      To successfully hire any outsourced employee, a company must consider many things, and first and foremost is a clear understanding of its needs. If you do not know what you want, you will never be satisfied with what others will offer you. Also, when you hire a Laravel developer, be sure to pay attention to his work experience. Do they have all the knowledge and skills that a complete Laravel specialist needs? Look at the candidates' portfolios. This will give you an idea of the employee's capabilities and talents and whether they work in a style close to you. Ask for references, whether the potential employee has references. Make sure that the potential employee is reliable. Can he provide support after the release of the product? To do this, choose people who say they do post-production support.

      Laravel developers with an in-depth understanding of the framework can provide a robust solution in a given time frame. They can provide solutions with the best customization and integration. Briefly, they can deliver you highly-reliable and scalable websites and web apps. Laravel developers also can include support for different languages in the apps. A command-line tool such as Artisan allows developers to speed up the development process by removing redundant tasks. A wide range of templates helps them to create dynamic layouts and separate user interfaces. Besides, Laravel schema builder helps form database tables, columns, and indices. Using built-in object-oriented libraries, programmers can integrate premium features. Finally, developers can configure and implement the authentication process without any issues.

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