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Initially, we started to work with the AlefVinal client, engaged in the production of wines, on a number of amendments. The client worked with tender sites and wanted to make the procurement process as simple, convenient, transparent as possible, we proposed to develop a tender site. Previously, the entire procurement process - from barrels to raw materials - took place at ProZorro, but it was extremely inconvenient to track the entire procedure, the documentation was scattered across categories.

  • The procurement process on the existing site was time-consuming and required the participation of a large number of employees.
  • It was necessary to create a convenient tender platform that would help control all stages of cooperation with contractors and keep the necessary documentation even after the completion of the transaction.
A task
  • Automate and simplify the tendering process.
  • Create a separate Internet resource for concluding deals.
  • Take into account all the wishes of the client regarding the design of the site.


We decided to automate the process of purchasing raw materials for production as much as possible by developing a tender platform. Before starting work, we analyzed the work of the existing tender site. We offered several options for functional design for further agreement with the Client.