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The client is the Vivat company, which is a distributor of filters for industrial water purification, and also sells bottles, bags, caps, pumps and coolers. At the time of his acquaintance, he had a landing page that told about the company. The client wanted a new business card site that would represent the company and its services.

  • The client had a landing page, but wanted a new introducing site with detailed information on products and prices for them.
A task
  • Make an analysis of competitors' companies.
  • Create a web resource from scratch with a description of products, their distribution into categories and an indication of their prices.
  • Design a website taking into account all the wishes of the customer.


We offered the client to develop a business card website, which would allow adding all the products that are in stock, as well as distributing them to the appropriate sections depending on the category. We chose the OpenCart platform for work. With its help, we planned to achieve the following goals: make a convenient distribution of goods by category; provide the buyer with the opportunity to get acquainted with the characteristics of a particular product; tell about the services of the company - delivery, professional consultation, etc.
We also decided to collect the semantic core and conduct SEO-optimization of the site.
Works on SEO
  • 1 The first stage is the creation of a semantic core.
  • 2 The second stage is optimization of the business card site.
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