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Business competition. How to prove to your customers that you’re the best?

Competition in the market can be called a curse and a blessing for entrepreneurs. Those who know how to cope with it become confident and booming manufacturers. Those who don’t survive the competition are forced to close their businesses. You can’t sell unique products or services because, in reality, even the unique offerings are sold by several companies. Don’t despair, because healthy competition is good for the market. You should know how to handle it. Learn how to stand out and attract customers on this blog.

Competition – what does it mean for business?

The marketplace comprises plenty of manufacturers and sellers, each trying to attract as many customers as possible. If a customer wants to buy a microwave, they will know that they have several choices of outlets. They will pick the ones where they can make the most profitable purchase. Some stores offer discounts, some have an improved service system, others offer favorable purchase terms with an extended warranty, and some have developed valued customer cards with incentive bonuses. All this is competition at its best because, along with their goods or services, companies sell something more: confidence, benefit, and pleasant experience, thus showing that they appreciate your partnership.

Advantages and disadvantages of competition

Of course, every coin has two sides. Competition has both advantages and disadvantages, which apply only to sellers. Buyers benefit from it as they get a free choice, flexible prices, and relevant goods.

Meanwhile, businesses face the following disadvantages of competition:

  1. Lower prices 

When companies set their price, they focus on competitors’ fees, which is not always profitable. Experienced companies may have different costs due to which their prices will be lower, making life difficult for newcomers.

  1. Loss of business 

Not having coped with the competition, the company closes. Unfortunately, this is a widespread scenario. It is good if you at least remain out of debt.

  1. Loss of service relevance

Because of the rapid development of technology, many businesses are losing relevance. For example, almost no one needs landline phones or DVD receivers these days.

Of course, competition has advantages for companies as well. For example:

  1. Innovation of technology 

The market is filled with new technical solutions that will enable companies to grow and create unique strategies and business plans. With their help, it is easier to keep everything in control and collect essential data. 

  1. Constant development & improvement

In order to survive in the market, companies can not stand still and are constantly improving their services and offers, paying more attention to quality.

  1. Enhancement of service 

Service plays a significant role in attracting customers and teaches companies to value customers. Making customer service perfect is a good strategy to have satisfied & loyal customers. 

The principal methods of competition

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We can divide methods of competition into two main directions: price competition and non-price competition. Let’s break down these concepts in more detail:


In today’s market, some business sectors have increased competition. One of them is technical equipment sales. In such cases, entrepreneurs “ride out” on price competition. The essence of it is to offer more favorable prices to customers. It is a common way to survive in the market. But there are a few things not to go overboard with. You shouldn’t offer too low a price, even if you’re a beginner, because you’ll be operating at a loss. In addition, it may not seem such an effective method if you consider the psychology of buyers: the customer wants to buy a reliable product, and therefore, if they see too low a price, they assume it is of poor quality.


Non-price competition is considered the basis of honest business. It includes all additional methods to attract customers besides the favorable price. Foremost, it is brand recognition. Customers will prefer to buy from a brand they have heard a lot than from someone unknown because the unknown is suspicious. Service also plays an important role. It’s all about how to make someone feel appreciated and provide quality advice. Your employees must have enough competence to do this. Other methods of non-price competition are promotion through advertising, prestige through quality equipment, the development of a loyalty system, etc.

How to survive in a fiercely competitive environment? The best tips to attract customers

Below we will highlight several methods to fight in a competitive market with which you will learn the answer to how do you make customers feel important and significantly improve your position. These tips will help you prove to customers that you’re the best option to work with.

  • Invest in digital marketing

We are becoming increasingly digital, which means developing your business in an online environment is very important. Digital marketing is the best way to increase your brand awareness, to make it stand out from the crowd. By using digital networks as the primary tool to promote your business, you are guaranteed to expand your customer base. At the same time, it’s important to remember that you must actively share informative content with your customers to maintain and further promote your image. Our team of professionals at Centum-D will be happy to help you promote your brand online. We care for our customers and fulfill all wishes.

  • Emphasize quality, not quantity

Ambitions to expand your customer base are certainly a good thing. But quality service is even better. You should ensure that the goods and services you provide your customers are of high quality and that your customers are satisfied. By following the principles of a valued customer, you will provide yourself with more loyal customers, after which their growth will skyrocket.

  • Learn from the mistakes of others

It can be advantageous sometimes. Analyzing the mistakes of others can save you more than once. In addition, you can even “peep” at the activities of your competitors, and there is nothing wrong with that. We can create something of our own, several times better, by taking inspiration from others.

  • Dedicate proper attention to training your employees

How do you make customers feel important? The right solution is to provide quality service. Your employees should know what they do and always be prepared to advise customers extensively. Don’t follow the “selling just to sell” principle. Remember, every client is a value client. If your customers don’t need something, discouraging them from buying will be the best thing you can do. It will significantly improve the seller’s reputation.

  • Ask for feedback from customers

Before approaching any company for a service or product, consumers often check the reviews to see if they are bona fides. Companies that ask their customers to leave feedback about their experience attract more clients.

  • Develop a system of tempting offers

To lure customers to your side, the best thing you can do is offer something for free. While all companies have roughly the same product prices, the additional offers vary. If one company offers free shipping, and the other doesn’t, the customer will choose the first option, even though they have equal prices. You should also invest in a loyalty system and hold “events” in honor of which customers will receive discounts or gifts.

These top six tips will help you stand out and find your customers. The key to success is never to rest on your laurels. Actively research the competitive marketplace, develop strategies, and upgrade your skills. This will help you build a sustainable and competitive business.

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