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We found the real estate company iNewHomes on our own on Facebook. The client was looking for specialists to create a corporate website with an interactive bulletin board for the sale, purchase or rent of real estate.

  • The customer was looking for a new development team to work with the aggregator site.
  • It was necessary to finalize and make the existing site as functional as possible, convenient for both developers and realtors, and for the end user.
A task
  • Analyze the work of the websites of competing companies.
  • Understand what functionality is the minimum to add it to the Client's website
  • Understand what functionality will be profitable to sell the product and how the Client's site will differ, implement this functionality


The site was developed on Yii2, which we planned: to adapt the site for various types of user devices; create authorization of web resource clients in the aggregator (through a personal account for clients and developers); set up a system for sorting ads for the sale, purchase or rental of real estate according to the selected parameters.
For a more successful promotion, we also suggested filling the blog with unique content with a detailed description of all objects.
SEO works
  • 1 The first stage is collecting the semantic core, clustering.
  • 2 The second stage is strategy development: filling with high-quality content, building a profile for link building, tracking heat maps, and adjusting the design.
  • 3 The third stage is increasing conversions.
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