We were approached by a client - distributor of heat-insulating and building materials "Wels". He completely lacked an understanding of how to sell products on the Internet, as well as how to properly present information about the company.

  • The distributor of insulation and building materials needed to get a properly designed corporate website, which was also planned to be used for advertising and selling goods.
  • The client wanted to form a vision of the company for Clients and employees, as well as place their products.
A task
  • Together with the partners of the studio, it was decided to make a corporate website with a catalog - our partners developed the design within the framework of the partner program, and we made its layout and integration.


We have developed an optimal structure in order to solve two problems: to acquaint Wels Clients with their company and partners, to show many years of experience of high-quality work and to give an opportunity to order a product using the website. The project was developed jointly with a partner design studio and was typeset and integrated by us using the Yii2 platform.
For the convenience of users, we have developed the optimal structure of the product card. It contains all the characteristics that provide not only the necessary information about the product, but also tell you how to use it.
The site was filled with unique content. The site is currently on promotion.
Promotion works
  • 1 The first stage is collecting the semantic core, clustering. Sitemap formation.
  • 2 The second stage is filling the web resource with content (insulation materials with a detailed description of each product) and testing it. Setting up analytics tools.
  • 3 The third stage is website promotion.
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