Centum-D Module Exchange 1c x8

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Centum-D Module Exchange 1c x8

Exchange 1c x8 is a 1C and OpenCart exchange and integration module. The basis of the module is the Tesla-Chita module, which functioned well only with OpenCart 2 version. The module makes it possible to automate the processes of adding new products and the 1C system. You can download not only products but also all related parts and elements, including:

  • Images;
  • Attributes;
  • Specifications;
  • Options;
  • etc.

You can set the module through the administrative panel. There is a configuration of each element for the necessary needs.

The Exchange OpenCart and 1C Bitrix Module Capabilities and Features

The module itself has many efficient and helpful functions, including:

  • Ability to upload products to the website;
  • Possibility of two-way exchange of orders or statuses;
  • Ability to manually download files separately or as an archive;
  • Ability to manually unload and load orders;
  • Support for 1C Bitrix XML 2.09 & 2.10;
  • Possibility to load specifications of commodity items as options (feature into a single option as the 1C type);
  • Support to batch upload both files and archives. Manual indication of 1C archive size;
  • Advanced IP address filtering. The ability to specify subnets. That is why the exchange works with every computer with a similar address.

In terms of goods, the module initially synchronizes by ID, SKU, name, or barcode. An addition is the ability to upload an unlimited number of images for products. General options for interacting with products include various loading configurations, properties of certain groups, prohibitions on creating and modifying products, disabling of products by numerous filters and parameters. It is also possible to disable the taxes use option if you don’t need or plan to use such a function.

Category capabilities include:

  • Ability to fill parent categories;
  • Deny loading the group from the accounting system;
  • Disable the status of each new category;
  • Loading images for each category of the “Image” element;
  • If you specify the image and sorting function for a category in the admin panel, they will not change during the exchange. Only the object unloaded by 1C will change.

Also, the module allows you to efficiently work with prices, balances, orders, and other elements.

Centum-D Exchange OpenCart Module with 1C Bitrix 

Web studio Centum-D has been providing services that contribute to the effective development of online business for more than ten years. OpenCart 1C module is available for download for free. Through the Exchange plugin for CMS OpenCart and 1C Bitrix, provided by Centum-D, the data exchange process becomes fast and eliminates the unnecessary waste of time. The quick plugin’s work guarantees the best efficiency of the business.

Last update 30.04.2021
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Compatible up to 2.1-
PHP version 5.6-7.4