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Mobile analytics to measure the performance of your website

Modern people use their smartphones every day for a variety of purposes, including entertainment, shopping, sports, and household chores. Common marketplaces such as Google Play and Apple Store have a combined total of about 4 million apps available for use. Positive forecasts for the growth and development of the market for mobile apps continue until 2030, and therefore, this niche is more promising than ever. However, high demand also implies high competition. Everyone wants to take this “fishy” place, and therefore it is necessary to use all known methods to stand out among competitors. After launching an app or website, it needs to be “kept afloat”, and one of the main tools that can help you with this is mobile analytics. In this article, you will learn about the most effective mobile analytics criteria to enhance the business productivity of your app/site.

What is mobile analytics, and how does it work?

Among all mobile solutions, we choose something that suits our desires. Perhaps it’s because this solution doesn’t make us wait too long, or it has readable pages. Perhaps we like transparent and intuitive menus and navigation. The user’s job is to find a more comfortable and useful digital solution, and the developer’s job is to figure out how to accomplish all the previously listed criteria. Fortunately, mobile apps and websites provide us with a lot of useful data with which digital solution owners can look for leads and enhance the robustness of their products.

 Mobile app analytics refers to the process of collecting the data it receives from app users. This data shows user behavior and also demonstrates performance parameters. With their help, companies, and in particular developers and project managers, can see at what points they should improve their solution, correct errors, and maximize the impact of the app.

What is mobile app analytics part of your business? It is essential if you want to increase conversion rates, user engagement, and retention of your project. It allows you to see:

  • how users interact with your app or website
  • which screens they focus most of their time on
  • at what point your product experiences more disruptions
  • which features users use most often

This will give you a better insight into your intended audience and the direction you should go in.

Why should you invest in mobile analytics?

Based on statistics, approximately 49% of the world’s population uses mobile apps 11 or more times a day. This shows how popular these platforms are right now and the high demand they have for mobile business owners. App owners are well aware that they have to provide a flawless mobile experience for their users. Reviews, ratings, surveys, and other feedback help, but it’s not enough to create the most personalized product possible. If users encounter the slightest negative trigger, they might simply find another smoother app.

By regularly studying mobile analytics, you will spot tendencies in customer behavior and adjust as necessary to reduce customer churn and increase your performance.

For example, you’ve noticed that visitors stop using your app at a certain stage of usage. It could be the registration/checkout process, etc. You want to find out the reason this particular process becomes the point of no return for your customers. With the help of certain metrics and relevant tools, you can track a particular process and see how it typically plays out for your customers. By tracking the pattern in these sessions, you can find the root of all problems and fix them before you lose too many clients.

In addition to this, mobile app tracking brings many other benefits for companies to keep up with the market dynamics, namely:

1) Provides accurate data collection to help you respond to all sorts of issues faster

2) Helps you customize your app with features like heat maps, funnel analysis, click ranking, demographic information, and more. This way you complete the actual portrait of your audience and learn how to tailor your offers to them.

3) Measures and tracks key performance indicators, allowing you to get a quick overview of key app usage analytics and boldly build your future promotion plans based on this data

Key mobile analytics parameters to measure 

App performance indicators involve numerous processes. It is a comprehensive solution concerning the functionality of an app in all areas of its functioning. The following mobile app analytics metrics are the most important ones to track if you want to maximize the benefits from it:

Session Duration

A session refers to the active screen time a user spends on your app. Measuring user session duration gives you an idea of how interested people are in your product. Also, through this process, you can easily track problem points and help improve them so that the duration of users’ screen time becomes longer.

Conversion Rate Analytics  

 This type of analysis shows how much users are willing to spend money in your app or website, thus giving you ideas on how to increase the profitability of your digital product. With monetization insights, you can access data such as:

  • Revenue per user – the average revenue you get from the actions of one active user
  • Cost per install is the revenue you get after attracting a new user who installs your app on their phone directly after clicking on an advertisement
  • In-app purchase conversion rate – what is your revenue from in-app purchases made by users within your app?

All the above data will help you better customize the pricing within your product, as well as adjust the frequency of ads (not too many, as this also serves as a strong trigger for users).

Retention rate

If you track the number of users who return to your app after a certain amount of time, you will get their retention rate. It’s not just a number, but a clear understanding of how efficient your offer is – how well it meets the needs of your audience. To get user retention rates, you should check the session replay metrics in your analytics. Then you might want to track trends in user behavior within your app, problems they encounter, etc. to increase the retention rate. 

App Stores 

Popular app stores like Play Market and Apple Store collect and display their own data on how your product is performing compared to your competitors. All the info about your app’s ratings, reviews, and downloads helps you understand how to optimize your product’s reliability in the store itself. This way you save a lot of time and see the whole picture so that developers can prioritize their changes & updates.

Performance Analytics

It’s worth mentioning that it is quite a complex & time-consuming process. But it is worth it as it reveals the most data about your customers. For example, you can find out the demographics of your clients to further personalize your offer(s) better. Also, you will know and evaluate the trend of the most common actions inside your app, and by using it, you will know their needs. You will replicate the navigation and interaction paths of your users, which will positively affect the optimization of user design and interface.

The best tools for mobile analytics in 2023 – 2024

mobile analytics

Numerous digital solutions for various digital tasks, including mobile analytics, make life easier for each entrepreneur online. Here’s the list of the most useful ones for you to use to improve the efficiency of your app: 


This mobile app analytics tool got most positive votes from the users. Simple and literally intuitive interface lets users utilize all the features quickly & with little efforts. It has built-in AI solutions which help manage customer experience, as well as customer journey mapping & a customer experience dashboard. Failure analytics, click map, cause analysis, & user behavior insights are available as well.

Quantum Metric

This platform helps different departments that work on your project come together as an efficient team. It allows you to integrate with other platforms, including Zoho’s CRM system, and its features give you access to measure and analyze every step of the user journey to improve the user experience in your application. While Quantum Metric has a wide range of tools, it would have been nice to provide users with a more extensive learning curve. Overall, the platform offers all the necessary measures to improve your app or website functionality.


Smartlook is a transparent and intuitive solution for analyzing mobile apps, websites, and other platforms. The tool’s control panel is centralized and allows you to easily share the necessary data with other departments of the company. The app’s features allow you to track all user actions, churn rates, and customer engagement. The program also includes essential features, such as funnel analysis and heat maps.

Google Analytics

A must-have tool that has plenty of features supporting user and traffic tracking. Its features include demographic filters, organics, and adding traffic filters, sources, where the traffic came from, etc. That and other options allow you to collect all the necessary data for your mobile app optimization. It’s also very easy to integrate into any website, making it a tool for everyday usage. Even the free version has enough features to assist SEO, marketing, and development teams in navigating their next steps in the right direction.  


Fullstory is another great analytical solution that focuses on detailed user behavior analysis and can deliver real-time analytics. It covers session granularity and also facilitates collaboration by allowing easy sharing of information and stimulating processes between teams. Here you can get comprehensive information on how users are interacting with your app(s), identify opportunities for growth, see if you can improve the conversion rate or create unique digital experiences and so on.

Be on top and find yourself the right tool to learn mobile analytics. By paying enough attention to certain metrics of your product analytics, you will end up thriving and promoting your mobile app or website, obtaining a steady position on the market.

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