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Bogatov Realty is the solution to your real estate issues in Miami.
The client planned to create his own website for an individual business for the niche of real estate in the United States. It was necessary to create a website, implement functionality and test. After creating the site, start promoting the project.

  • Few landing pages.
  • Missing content, meta tags throughout the site.
  • The technical optimization of the site was low (the site took a long time to load, there were mistakes in page layout).
  • Site structure.
  • Problems with indexing pages, pictures, reviews.
  • There was no micro-markup.
  • Weak reference mass on the project.
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We have collected a semantic core and developed the structure of landing pages for the Client's website. Selling texts were written for all pages. All functionality was tested and all pages were sent for indexing. A blog network (PBN) was created to attract customers to the site.


5 times
increased traffic
30 times
increased in the search for keywords
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