SEO “Etalon”

SEO “Etalon”

Repair and restoration of forklifts. When the project started to be promoted, we were faced with the fact that the project was completely new. There was only a main page with one general service and a contact page. The company had been on the market for a long time and had extensive experience, but it was advertised only offline.

  • domain and site created in August 2020
  • there were no landing pages, site structure
  • missing content, meta tags throughout the site
  • there was no micro-markup
  • missing links
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We began to study the market, competitors, turned to the Client for examples of his work, as well as feedback from his Clients. At this time, we began to create the structure of the site, collect the semantic core and create language versions of the site. In total, the site from 2 pages has increased to more than 80 pages with repair services, reviews, brand pages, as well as the full Ukrainian version of the site.
  solution 1
Individual approach:
  • 1 Collecting the semantic core and working out the structure.
  • 2 Working with meta tags. Based on the collected keywords, the meta tags for the main customer services were optimized.
  • 3 Development of a promotion strategy.
  • 4 Creation of unique and useful content for users.
  • 5 Creation of a strategy for obtaining links to the site. Building the credibility of the resource.
  • 6 Working out commercial factors on the site.
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2 months
later - the first transitions to the site from search engines
impressions for 2 months
TOP 10
on request
pages with repair services from 2
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