Компания Револт размещение уличной рекламе

SEO Revolt

Revolt is a unique agency in Ukraine focused on street advertising. We can brand a skyscraper, your car, a billboard or a tram stop in any city.
The technical audit that we conducted before starting to work with the site showed that there were problems with the two language versions of the site and the portfolio pages. The structure on the site was not very clear for users and had a small number of landing pages.

  • There were no relevant landing pages.
  • Missing content, meta tags throughout the site.
  • The technical optimization of the site was low (the site took a long time to load, there were mistakes in the page layout).
  • Weak site structure.
  • Problems with indexing pages, product images.
  • There was no micro-markup.
  • Outdated and awkward design.
  • The domain had a small number of subject links.
  • There were a lot of spammy links.
  • Refresh the site's appearance.
  • Speed up the loading of all pages on the site.
  • Collect a large SN and implemented on its basis the structure of the site with new pages in accordance with the target key queries (more than 400 pages).
  • Fix layout errors.
  • Create and process all images on the site.


Individual approach:
The first thing that was done was to change the structures of the pages and create a clear sales funnel on the site and the presentation of information. The new page structure allowed to increase the conversion for individual pages by 25%.
Another strategy for promoting the site was the creation of a large number of regional pages for cities with a million people. The site's services allowed creating advertising services in any cities of Ukraine without a representative office in the city.
Regional pages quickly entered indexing and brought traffic to the site. Traffic from local image search has tripled.
increased conversion by 25%
traffic increased 3 times
 Individual approach:


by 19.77%
traffic increased
4 times
increased requests
by 15%
increased impressions

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