Swiss Impact Store

Swiss Impact Store

Swiss Impact Store is a sustainable online marketplace. It features producers of eco-friendly fashion, beauty & home products, focusing on the sustainability of both materials & production, as well as packing & delivery. The client asked for the audit of their Instagram account with further proper management.

  • slow account growth
  • absence of both corporate identity & clear visual positioning
  • chaotic content creation & posting
  • undefined audience, unclear style of communication with audience & brand promotion
  • lack of informative & engaging content
  • necessity to approach two different types of users in one account (customers & vendors)
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Analyze & enhance
We started from conducting a deep audit of the brand Instagram account, having defined both critical issues & boosting opportunities. Then we proceeded to create & have a brand account development strategy for 1 year approved. The strategy was accompanied with the detailed rubricated content plan & corporate identity for the Instagram account. The set goals were reached already one week later with KPIs being kept high without using any paid or black promotion methods - only through proper visual & conceptual positioning.
reach after 1 week +571,9%
content interactions +22,7%
profile visits +48,8%
web-site clicks +44,4%
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reach after 4 months
organic audience growth
more content interactions
profile visits
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