Vue Custom Fields

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Vue Custom Fields

This module allows adding different types of field groups when creating & editing the content. 

Why is it important? Additional fields enable faster content creation & development, as this module has certain settings to automate fields creation. 

At the moment, the following types of fields are available:

* text (text input to create <input type=”text”>)

* textarea (text input to create <input type=”textarea”>)

* image (work with <img>, you can set src, height, width)

* WYSIWYG Editor (of the fields allows editing and changing text style together with media files in the same place)

When creating groups of fields, you can set the following parameters:

  • label
  • name
  • field type
  • set required label
  • set attribute by default

Image type field enables setting one of the preinstalled picture sizes as well (small, medium, large).

A Group of fields can contain as many forms of a group, combined by one title, as needed.

Created groups of fields can further be used in the Pages tab, where you can set URL of the page that is going to use groups of forms. 

This module contains user authorization and registration functional features.

What’s next? Adding new field types (repeater, group) as well as a server-side rendering for Pages created with Nuxt.js

Created with Vue v.3, Vue Router v.4, Vuex v.4.