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Burst of Mobile Commerce to Empower Business Opportunities in 2023

M-commerce may reach $534.18 billion cost in just one year. It’s no secret that mobile devices have occupied a significant portion of our daily lives, and recent data on mobile e-commerce usage shows that this tendency is only continuing to grow. Investing in mobile commerce is a smart move for companies looking to grow their companies and thus revenues. There are pros & cons to take into account with any business venture, though. In this article, we’ll examine the fundamentals of the industry, as well as its pros, drawbacks, and reasons for why it presents a remarkable opportunity for sellers to grow & get good revenue.

What is Mobile Commerce? 

Any transaction completed with a mobile device, such as smartphones, touchscreens, and other portable devices, is referred to as m-commerce (or online shopping on mobile). With 85% of the world population owning a smartphone, it’s the most common mobile commerce device. Mobile banking, mobile shopping, and mobile payments are just a few of the new industries and services that have emerged as a result of mobile commerce.

Benefits of Mobile Commerce for Business 

Increased buying speed 

An adaptive website loads data and search results much more slowly than mobile apps for commerce. This has a positive effect on the volume of sales because most customers are impatient and will give up on a purchase if they have to wait too long.

Better Accessibility & Reach

Every smartphone owner is a potential customer if you have a mobile app. E-commerce and mobile commerce coexist because both digital shopping channels give companies the ability to easily and effectively enter untapped markets—a feat that can’t be accomplished by conventional brick-and-mortar stores.


The features of mobile applications let business owners provide a more specialized customer experience. You can significantly increase the likelihood that a sale will be made by contacting customers at particular times of the day. 

Better Marketing Prospects 

Businesses have new marketing opportunities thanks to mobile commerce. With traffic tracking and analysis, you can scale your business by maximizing resources and reducing expenses. You can increase sales and further promote the brand if your app is integrated with some social media platforms.

Valuable customer data

You can learn valuable customer information from mobile analytics, enabling you to understand your customers’ preferences and motivations for making purchases. Businesses must offer clients specialized services. As a result, using this data—which includes demographic details, purchase history, and location—you can create a consumer shopping model.

Enhanced Service

Virtually limitless functional options provided by mobile applications allow businesses to incorporate unique features that improve the customer experience. Customers are effectively encouraged to browse your website more and make purchases by providing them with intuitive button placements and easy navigation.

Business Pitfalls of Mobile Commerce

mobile commerce

If you’re wondering what percent of online retailers now have m-commerce websites our answer, about 85% of retailers today have moved to mobile apps. Mobile shopping statistics show that in 2023, M-commerce sales are expected to be 6% of all retail sales, which will rise to 8.7% by 2026.

While m-commerce presents promising prospects and advantages, it may not be a suitable option for every entrepreneur. Mobile commerce comes with its own set of unique challenges and risks that could deter some business owners from making the transition.

So, what are the pitfalls of m-commerce? 

High competition

The level of competition in mobile commerce is high. To stand out, your app should be user-friendly, practical, unique, fast, attractive, offer helpful information, and more. These requirements are not easy to meet, not to mention the investment it will require. That’s why you may consider creating an MVP before you can put your full-fledged product on the market. A minimally viable product allows you to slowly introduce new features into your application and fix lags in the early stages of its existence. You can arrange a free session with Centum-D expert to get an advice on the process and its specifics. 

Privacy and security risks 

Upon downloading your app, customers typically consent to the collection and storage of their personal data. As a result, you bear the significant responsibility of safeguarding their information. Your app must be equipped with robust security measures. Fear of fraud and security issues will always be present if you create your mobile app for online shopping.

The connectivity issue

The internet can pose risks, and unexpected connectivity issues can immediately diminish the shopping activity within your app. In contrast, traditional brick-and-mortar stores offer greater stability.

Final Thoughts 

Mobile commerce presents promising prospects and advantages that can significantly impact a business’s growth. However, it may not be a suitable option for every entrepreneur. It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of your specific case before applying to m-commerce. If you decide to invest in mobile commerce, make sure you possess the necessary resources to execute your project successfully. The investment required to create a mobile sales app can be significant, and it’s crucial to ensure that you have the budget, manpower, and expertise to see it through. Otherwise, your chances of thriving may be slim.

In conclusion, mobile commerce is breaking out into the tops, and it carries the promise of prosperity. M-commerce is an effective and flexible way to give your customers a personalized experience and keep them returning for more. However, it’s important to understand that it comes with unique challenges and risks that could deter some business owners from making the transition. As with any business venture, it’s crucial to evaluate your capabilities and weigh the pros and cons of your specific case before diving into m-commerce. If you’re ready to invest in mobile commerce, make sure to equip yourself with the necessary resources and expertise to make your project successful. With careful planning and execution, mobile commerce can be an excellent opportunity for your business to reach new heights.

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