Centum-D Auto Translate – auto translator extension

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Centum-D Auto Translate – auto translator extension

Centum Auto Translate is an OpenCart auto translator extension, which allows you to translate products, attributes, attribute values, categories via Google API translate. The module also includes translation functionality without the API key, but the translation in this mode is limited to 700 characters for one product or category.

Why Do You Need the Auto Translate Plugin?

The main and most clear purpose of the plugin is to save time, effort, and money. The module can easily handle the translation of the largest platforms:

  • Online shopping;
  • Marketplaces;
  • Catalogs.

The Centum-D team tested the effectiveness and performance of the plugin on 50,000 products at a time. The module works quickly and correctly.

Such a translation option is suitable for resources with simple goods, where everyone can understand the characteristics and instructions for use. If we are talking about a catalog with specialized equipment, we recommend finding a professional translator who knows the nuances and features of the subject.

Another purpose is effective promotion stimulation. Search systems and their search engines carefully study every promoted website. If the website works in Ukrainian, English, or Russian, there are several additional opportunities for promotion in new territory that make the business international. Auto Translate allows you to perform prompt and high-quality translation of the resource, thereby ensuring the effectiveness of its promotion.

The Centum-D Auto-translator Module Features

Centum-D web studio professionals have tested the module and can guarantee its functionality, efficiency, and timeliness. Module features:

  • Extensive choice of translation types (product attributes, goods, etc.);
  • Ability to translate the content of the marketplace via the Google API Translate using any available Google language;
  • Implement deep settings in the module, select the most suitable functions (selection of a specific attribute, product for translation, selection of the status of the translation object);
  • Possibility of mass translation of goods, objects (~ 50 000);
  • The name of each translation object is displayed in all available languages. It allows you to monitor untranslated goods and elements easily;
  • Taking into account already translated objects;
  • A huge amount of other options.

Centum-D Web Studio Auto Translate OpenCart

Auto-translation from Russian into Ukrainian or any other language is a necessary solution for any large-scale commercial resource if it is looking for access to the international market. Our developers have been improving their skills and opening new opportunities for online business every day for ten years. We have developed a free module whose installation can understand even an inexperienced user and whose functionality has absorbed the best standards and capabilities. In addition to Auto Translate, we also developed many other OpenCart and WordPress plugins, all of which we use in our projects. Download Auto Translate and make your business more efficient!

Version 2.0.0
Last update 28.08.2021
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Compatible up to 2.1-
PHP version 7.4