Centum-D Modifier Minify

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Centum-D Modifier Minify

Minify is a modifier that minifies website scripts and styles using the Minify JS library. It means to compress JS. There is no modifier configuration. However, you can modify the implementation variable. It disables or enables the necessary functionality.

The minification process involves removing every unnecessary space, formatting, or comment from the source files. Usually, HTML, CSS, JS files reduction increases the loading speed of each website page. Given that a website with a low page load speed is penalized by search engines, the modifier also optimizes every website image for the search engine. Thus, the website pages will load faster and provide better usability.

Minified Files Creation

There is a wide range of solutions available for minifying files. If you use the OpenCart content administration system, there is nothing complex in the task. Simple Minify, Minify CSS & JS plugins will carry out the minification procedure as quickly as possible. However, there are website builders where you have to minify each downloaded file with your own hands.

You can save time with the following free tools:

  • CSS Minifier;
  • JS Minifier;
  • HTML Minifier;
  • Image compressors.

Below we will look at how we can use each tool to minify, compress, and cache JS, CSS, HTML, and images.

HTML Minification

The HTML minification procedure guarantees an increase in the loading speed of the website pages. We have created a tool that can minify your HTML files as quickly as possible. You can download it for free. The development specialists have extensive experience to guarantee usability and efficiency.

Compressing Images

Another crucial point is to optimize each image because they send separate HTTP requests to the server. Along with the Lazyload plugin, which our specialists developed, CSS Minifier will make your resource pages load as fast as possible, which will lead to an increase in usability indicators. Any non-optimized image affects the resource loading speed. As you know, search engines encourage web resources with a high loading speed and downgrade websites with a low one.

CSS Minification

There are plenty of utilities and modules for the minification of CSS files, like HTML or JS. All of them have their advantages. Compressing CSS implies the final work on optimizing your website’s files because now the entire resource is becoming optimized, and the download speed becomes maximum due to the compression of each file.

JS Minification

Minifying JS is as easy and fast as HTML & CSS. You can shorten the compression of the JS file using a plugin developed by our specialists. It will increase the speed of resource loading. Every minifier we develop includes the benefits of every plugin out there. We are confident in the effectiveness of our developments because we use them in each of our projects. For now, we continue to improve the efficiency of minification plugins.

Website Files Minification on CMS OpenCart

OpenCart is a content management system that is most often used to develop and work with large-scale online stores, marketplaces, or catalogs. If the resource is massive, it will take longer to load due to the huge code. But if you use a minifier, it will increase your download speed by more than 30%. It is an impressive number. If you combine minification with other plugins helping speed up page loading, the speed percentage becomes even higher. For example, you can use Lazyload, a plugin that strongly optimizes product images in marketplaces or other resources. In addition, optimization will ultimately help to promote resources in search engines effectively. Search robots analyze not only the content of the resource but also its performance. Of course, the resource usability will also increase, and website traffic will increase as well.

Minify Plugin by Centum-D for OpenCart

Centum-D web studio has ten years of experience in regular work and improvement. Each studio specialist is a highly qualified professional with many successful projects under his belt. We know how to develop solutions to improve and optimize your projects, so the effectiveness of minifier plugins is guaranteed.

Version 1.0.2
Last update 19.07.2021
Active installations 1
Opencart version
Compatible up to 2.1-2.3
PHP version 5.6-7.4