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A new client turned to us - a company that produces professional cosmetics for hair care, MEDAVITA. The company was not represented on the Ukrainian market, it was necessary to develop a strategy for bringing the brand to the market.

  • The client needed to form an understanding of the brand in the professional hair cosmetics market. The first task was to identify and segment the target audience.
A task
  • To develop a high-quality beautiful website that would bring the brand to the market, form an understanding of the quality and capabilities of products among the end consumer and make it as convenient as possible from the user's point of view


Analyze what is the general demand for professional hair cosmetics, understand how the end user works with competitors' websites. Form the structure of the site in terms of user convenience and the need to implement the functionality requested by the Client. Create an entrance funnel for wholesale and retail customers with custom functionality.
SEO Works
  • 1 The first stage is the analysis of client information, marketing research of the market and competitors' websites.
  • 2 The second stage is the selection of a semantic core and the development of a promotion strategy.
  • 3 The third stage is the successful implementation of the promotion strategy, its refinement taking into account the emerging products.
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