Medavita Сase Studies

Medavita Сase Studies

In 2019, one of our existing clients decided to become the general representative of premium hair and scalp cosmetics MEDAVITA, part of the BEAUTY NOVA conglomerate. The client approached us with a request to create a branded website.

  • The client wanted to enter the premium cosmetics market and attract the target audience without any marketing strategy.
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Based on the information received from the client and the analysis of competitors' work, conducted SWOT analysis, we developed a brand development strategy in the market. Based on this strategy, we determined the optimal digital solution for the MEDAVITA brand.
We designed the architecture of the digital solution, including creating an entry funnel based on grouping products by usage method. To effectively promote the MEDAVITA brand, we also formed communication channels, including social media, content marketing, email, and search engine optimization. These channels will allow us to attract the attention of the target audience and increase awareness of the MEDAVITA brand in the market.
Promotion of the MEDAVITA brand:
  • 1 Market and competitor analysis:
    - General overview of the cargo delivery market, analysis of competitors in the market
    - General description of the Client's path and Client's map
    - Short market entry program with channel description
  • 2 Working with Google My Business:
    - Registration and account setup
    - Geotargeting, creating a positive reputation through reviews
  • 3 Context media advertising:
    - Query pool formation, setting up one advertising campaign
    - Analysis of previous advertising
    - Adjustment and readjustment of one advertising campaign
  • 1 Competitor analysis for key queries
  • 2 Semantic core collection
  • 3 Structure creation, clustering, website technical analysis
  • 4 Analytics setup, goal configuration
  • 5 Technical optimization according to audit
  • 6 Monitoring parameters using analytics tools monthly
  • 7 Crowd marketing/forum reputation management
  • 8 Link building/registration in directories, bulletin boards, directories, link building
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Over 4 years, we have achieved

new users per week
from 60
orders per day
conversion rate of advertising campaigns
conversion rate of organic traffic
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